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VERSA 1100 – a Reliable Partner for Forensic Labs

The service and engineer teams from Aurora Biomed helped our team to customize our Versa programs to meet our needs!

Andre Kartick and Cristina Servidio spearheaded the internal validation for the Versa 1100 at DNA Labs International. We have three instruments in total, one for post PCR processing for the Verogen Whole Genome mtDNA, ForenSeq Signature Prep Primer Set B, and Kintelligence systems, and two for Differential Digestion, quantitation, normalization, and amplification. These internal validations were all completed in 2021!

DNA Labs International is looking forward to using the VERSA instruments to streamline sexual assault kit processing and to help usher in the new era of Next Generation Sequencing technology.

Cristina is the Technical Leader at DNA Labs International, previously worked for the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL), and is a George Washington University alum.

Andre Katick DNA Labs International

Andre is a Serologist and Validation Support at DNA Labs international, previously interned for the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, and is a Florida State University alum.

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