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An Interview with a COVID-19 Rapid Test User

What impact do these Rapid Tests have in the real world? We spoke with a user to find out!

An example of a rapid antigen test for COVID-19. Source, license.

COVID-19 Rapid tests are instrumental in monitoring and tracking this pervasive virus. You may have already experienced one of these rapid tests, either the rapid antibody or rapid antigen test. With just a finger-prick of blood or a nasopharyngeal swab, and 15 minutes of patience, you can screen someone for a current or past infection.

We recently spoke with Dr. Joseph Moore of Pacific Urgent Care and Wellness Center; they have been using these testing kits are part of their contract testing capabilities. They gave us the low-down on how having access to these rapid tests has benefitted their business and their clients:

Q. How has your experience been in working with these tests?

A. Very satisfied with the rapid antigen and antibody tests. The tests are easy to administer and process. The test kits are very reliable and the results are very much accepted by our patients and clients. Customer service from Aurora is outstanding.

Q. How has having access to these tests influenced your current business?

A. Having access to the rapid tests has allowed us to keep our patient care model operational. We have a concierge program and we do executive physicals. One component of the physical is the exercise stress test. This involves a lot of client “huffing and puffing” on the treadmill. We screen the patient or client with the rapid antigen test combined with body temperature and questionnaire data before their entrance into the clinic. The process takes an additional 15 minutes, but this combination has given the staff and physicians confidence that the clinic environment remains free from potential COVID infections.

Q. How has having access to these rapid tests allowed you further market your testing capabilities?

A. We have reached out to various business enterprises to market our testing capabilities. We have performed on-site testing for such companies as Ship Repair facilities. Workers (welders, engine repair personnel, painters) are screened with the rapid antibody or antigen tests before going aboard US merchant ships and US Navy ships to do repair work. We screen in groups of 50 to 90 persons in a two-hour set. This has been a very satisfying and rewarding aspect of COVID screening for the business owners, workers, and our staff.

Q. How are you able to provide rapid testing to the general public?

A. We perform walk-up screening for people concerned they may have come in contact with persons with the COVID virus or have symptoms of COVID infection.  People can drive up to the back of our clinic and fill out paperwork in their car.   They remain in their car as the antibody or antigen test is performed.  This is an added safety feature for both clients and staff.  Results are provided to the patient in about 15 minutes.

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