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Aurora Biomed Listed as Top COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit Company

Recent market research reports have named Aurora Biomed as one of the top three company for COVID-19 antigen test kits.

Rapid antigen tests are used at clinics and for at home use. These tests are often used by parents to test their family members. Aurora Biomed is proud to provide these tests and the recognition from these market research reports.

These market reports compare each businesses’ size and growth. They also predict future market growth of antigen tests. Aurora Biomed is a key player in this new and changing industry.

We would like to thank our knowledgeable product specialist staff that regularly assist customers and provide excellent customer service to our antigen test customers.

Aurora Biomed was one of the first Canadian companies to focus on rapid antigen tests that helped many Canadians discover their COVID-19 status. Covid-19 testing is a crucial for monitoring public health safety in which we all need to take responsibility for.

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Aurora Top COVID19 Antigen Test Kit Company. Image made by WilliamVincentKillian