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Streamlining SAEK process at Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office with the VERSA 1100 DD Workstation

Case Study: Contra Costa

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff faced a backlog of case-works due to the number of cases coming in daily, including the technically demanding nature of processing Sexual Assault Evidence Kits (SAEKs) acquired from victims. To address this issue, they turned to automation solutions and chose the VERSA 1100 Differential Digestion Workstation from Aurora Biomed.

The workload created by servicing the diverse region can lead to case backlog. This operation demands a high level of technical expertise and processing power, which is currently insufficient. It is vital to examine these samples within 120 days of collection to ensure prompt conviction of the perpetrators.


CCS has benefited from the Versa 1100 DD, which has increased efficiency and saved time

Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office reduces backlog and achieves timely processing with the VERSA 1100

After completing their validations and training, the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory found that the VERSA 1100 has become an integral part of their operations and has streamlined their sample processing pipeline, thereby increasing their work throughput. They were impressed by the reliability, precision of the instrument, and user friendly software to modify protocols. The training sessions resulted in optimum use of the VERSA 1100, giving them maximum benefits.

The VERSA literally helped our Lab adapt to the new legislation and become more efficient and effective. Even with doubling our SAEK kit submissions, our Lab was able to examine all of the kits while also decreasing our backlog.(Tony Nguyen, Deputy Sheriff Forensic Supervisor)

The implementation of the VERSA 1100 Differential Digestion Workstation proved to be a game-changer for the lab. As the end user stated, “Our Lab saw a drastic increase in SAEK submissions after the State of California passed Legislation rightly mandating the examination of all SAEK kits within 120 days of collection. VERSA1100 Differential Digestion was able to create protein fractions (for future serological testing), make slides (that an analyst would examine to determine the presence of spermatozoa on post-digest samples), and perform differential extractions on all samples”. The successful outcome of this implementation has been a testament to the effectiveness of the VERSA 1100 as an automation solution for labs, looking to optimize their workflow.

Exceptional Technical Support

The after-sales support and training given by Aurora Biomed was exemplary.

“During the Pandemic our Laboratory like other labs found it difficult to schedule preventative maintenance. Aurora Biomed provided exceptional customer service by sending their technician to our Lab in California. In order to do so, Mr. Paul had to quarantine when he arrived in California then again when he went home to Canada. He identified some minor issues and addressed them quickly. We were elated with the dedication that Aurora Biomed was willing to undergo in order to service our robot.”

Automation is the key to optimizing sample processing workflows

Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office Crime Labs Laboratory highly recommends Aurora Biomed’s VERSA automation workstations for labs looking to automate their Differential Digestion workflow or other general liquid handling needs.

Join the growing list of satisfied customers and improve your lab’s efficiency with the VERSA 1100.