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From Frustration to Precision: How Automation Enhances Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality in Routine Genomic Protocols

Researchers striving for breakthroughs often face the frustration of inconsistent results due to human error—a major pain point in their work. Our VERSA 1100 tackles this by offering validated automation for PCR plate setup pipetting, ensuring reproducibility, accuracy, and minimal cross-contamination, as endorsed by forensic laboratories.

At Aurora Biomed, we recognize the challenges researchers encounter in achieving lab efficiency and accuracy. That’s why we’ve developed automated liquid handler workstations that streamline crucial processes like amplification, quantification, and normalization. Imagine the time and energy saved by automating these vital steps!

The Power of Automated Liquid Handler Workstations

Automated liquid handler workstations are game-changers in the domain of laboratory automation. They combine precision robotics, intuitive software interfaces, and innovative engineering to streamline your experiments. From pipetting to mixing and dispensing, these workstations perform an array of tasks with minimal human intervention. With Aurora Biomed VERSA1100 Liquid Handler Workstation, let’s explore how this technology can transform your laboratory workflows.

The Power of Automated Liquid Handler Workstations

Automating Amplification for Efficiency

Amplification techniques, such as PCR and RT-PCR, lie at the heart of molecular biology research. Automating these techniques offers numerous benefits:

  • PCR: By automating PCR setup, you eliminate the risks associated with manual pipetting. Accurate and consistent dispensing of reagents while preparing Master Mix and plate setup ensures reproducible results.
  • RT-PCR: Automating reverse transcription and PCR setup not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and consistency. Say goodbye to manual pipetting errors and variations in cDNA synthesis.

Mastering Quantification Techniques

Accurate quantification is the keystone of reliable experimental outcomes. Automation takes quantification to new heights:

  • Total DNA Quantification: Equalizing DNA concentrations across samples is effortless with automated pipetting. Consistency leads to dependable results in applications like PCR and sequencing.
  • Library Quantification: Automation ensures uniform library representation in NGS. Accurate DNA concentration measurement and volume adjustment optimize your sequencing outcomes.

Achieving Consistency through Normalization

Normalization is crucial for accurate and comparable results. Automation guarantees precision:

  • Library Quantification Normalization: In NGS, automated normalization guarantees uniform representation of samples.
  • Sample/Plate Normalization: Maintaining consistent concentrations across 96/384 well plates is vital for high-throughput assays. Equalizing total DNA concentration ensures reliable results in PCR and Next Generation Sequencing.
  • Normalization Controls: Incorporating controls with known concentrations during normalization accounts for technical variations.
VERSA Applications

The Core Components

The VERSA1100 holds several key components that make it a powerhouse in lab automation:

  • Robotic Arm: The 8-channel robotic arm with single channel functionality facilitates precise sample and reagent transfers. With advanced air displacement technique and grippers, it ensures the accuracy and consistency necessary for reliable results. These guarantee precise and reproducible liquid transfers.
  • Deck layout: The customizable deck of the workstation accommodates different labware modules, i.e. reagent cooler, heater/cooler, shaker and reservoirs, optimizing your workflow and minimizing cross-contamination risks with built-in HEPA/UV.
  • VERSAware plus Software: The user-friendly software interface is the command center of the workstation. It enables you to program complex protocols and monitor experiments.
VERSA1100 Deck Layout

Embrace the Future of Research

By embracing the power of the Aurora Biomed VERSA1100 Liquid Handler Workstation and its automated setup kits, you’re not just automating tasks – you’re modernizing your research. Efficiency, accuracy, and reproducibility are no longer elusive goals but attainable milestones. With these advanced tools at your disposal, you’re free to focus on the higher-level aspects of your research and are confident that your results are based on a solid foundation of precise automation.