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How does the VERSA Heater-Shaker and Heater-Cooler work?

The VERSA automated liquid handler can be adapted with many different modules. Two popular modules are the heater-shaker and the heater-cooler. Here is information about both units.

Heater-Shaker with automated liquid handling

Heater-Shaker Controls 96-well plate agitation in the range of 100-2500 rpm in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions for specified period of time. Compatible with any VERSA system. The temperature range is from room temperature – 95°C.


Heater-Cooler with automated liquid handling

Heater-Cooler is compatible with plate, vial, and tube adaptors. Compatible with any VERSA automated liquid handling systems. The temperature range is from 4°C – 90°C. strip tubes Fits 96-well round plates or 0.2 mL Can be used as PCR plate or as a cooler top. Used in PCR prep and culture plate applications.


Minimum Temperature 🥶Room Temperature4° C, 39° F
Maximum Temperature🥵90° C, 194° F90° C, 194° F
Range of Speed100-2500 rpmNone
VERSA CompatibilityAll VERSA models ✔️All VERSA models ✔️


Two module options for robotic liquid handlers

VERSA heater-shaker and heater-cooler. Image shows the different units both on their own and what they look like installed inside a VERSA automated liquid handler. Image created by William Vincent-Killian



The VERSA automated liquid handling systems can be fitted with a heater-shaker or heater-cooler. Both can be applied to any VERSA system. The heater-shaker and heater-cooler can warm the plate up to 90 degrees Celsius, 194 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater-shaker can rotate counter-clockwise and clockwise at 100 to 2500 revolutions per minute. The heater-cooler does not shake.