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How to Reduce Sample Backlog with Robotic MALDI-TOF-MS Sample Preparation

So you want to shoot lasers at materials to analyze the chemical makeup of your sample? How many samples do you have? Too many? Is the sample prep taking too long? Why not automate the process with automated MALDI-TOF-MS sample prep. Automating sample preparation has already been done in several other chemical and biological processes and now MALDI-TOF.

Lab automation can quickly prepare samples while reducing human error, and cross-contamination. Using robots is great when you have a large backlog of samples to process. An added benifit is you can completely walk away while the samples are being prepared.

Learn more about the VERSA automated liquid handler that automatically prepare samples.

VERSA-1100-AD-Right-Reflection 4x5

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MALDI stands for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization. TOF stands for time-of-flight. MALDI is often used for large biological molecules that need to be analyzed in their entirety instead of being denatured or fragmented.
Some applications of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry include:

  • Oligonucleotides analysis
  • Molecular composition
  • Peptide mass fingerprinting
  • Imaging of molecular composition and relative abundance

Automated liquid handlers can increase the speed that you prepare samples for MALDI-TOF-MS, while decreasing human error and cross-contamination. This process and automation systems like it have been used to significantly reduce sample backlogs. Contact us to learn about these robotic liquid handlers and how to automate MALDI-TOF-MS Sample Preparation.