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Automated Glycan Extraction and MALDI-TOF Sample Preparation

Automated Glycan Extraction and MALDI-TOF Sample Preparation

Streamlining Glycan Analysis Using the VERSA 1100 Solid Phase Extraction Workstation

Glycosylation is one of most common post-translational modifications. These carbohydrate additions are essential for cellular recognition and protein folding, and they can be utilized as biomarkers for cellular and organism health. The heterogeneity and structural complexity of glycosylated-biomolecules adds difficulty to their extraction and isolation. Current workflows to study glycans, including release, recovery, and concentration from their parent molecules using methods such as solid phase extraction (SPE), as well as plating of glycan samples in embedded matrices for MALDI analysis, are laborious and time consuming. To free up staff time, Aurora has developed VERSA Automated Glycan Extraction System (also known as Automated MALDI-TOF Sample Preparation System), capable of automating glycan recovery for downstream interrogation by mass spectrometry.

VERSA 1100 SPE Workstation

The VERSA® series of automated liquid handling instruments can perform denaturation, deglycosylation, and automated solid phase extraction protocols for glycan analysis using mass spectrometry. This instrument is compatible with commercially available SPE cartridges and is fully configurable to your workflow. Additionally, the system is capable of automating MALDI plate spotting and analyte matrix embedding for expedited mass spectrometry analysis. The diverse list of features and accessories available for the VERSA® 1100 SPE makes this a versatile and robust addition to your facility.


• 4 or 8 channel pipetting head with single channel functionality offers flexible liquid handling
Up to 8 channel ReagentDrop provides reagent dispensing without disposable pipette tips
SPE decks compatible with 1, 3, and 6 mL cartridges as well as 96-well SPE cartridge plates
Shaker-heater (RT to 4 °C ) for efficient sample pre-processing and derivatization
Nitrogen-dryer for sample reconstitution in mass-spectrometry compatible solvents
UV HEPA filtered enclosure to minimize risk of sample contamination
Liquid-liquid extraction functionality available

For a full list of features and to learn more about how the VERSA® 1100 SPE can automate your glycan extraction and MALDI-TOF sample preparation workflow, please contact us!