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Ion Channel Retreat 2014: The anticipation is building!

OK all you crazy ion channel aficionados, we have some exciting news for you: the deadline to submit abstracts for posters and oral presentations for the 12th annual Ion Channel Retreat has been extended. The response to our call for abstracts was so good we wanted to keep applications open a little bit longer to make sure that no one misses out. So make sure you submit your abstract before it really is too late! Abstracts should be 100 – 300 words and submitted in an editable text format to retreat(at)aurorabiomed.com.

For an exciting sneak peak into what this years’ Ion Channel Retreat may have in store (hey, I’m not a mind reader! I’m just guessing here) keep reading, otherwise go work on your abstract and send it in before it’s too late!

Ion Channels as Disease Targets

Ion channels are involved in a number of diseases, specifically referred to as channelopathies. Perhaps the best known Ion channel related disease is Cystic Fibrosis where loss of function of a Cl channel allows a build up of mucus in the lungs and bacterial infection resulting in decreased lung function. This is just one example of how ion channel misfunction can lead to disease.

Ion Channels in Pain

What does Mr. T bring to fools who do too much jibber-jabbering? Pain. Ion channels can bring pain too. Some recent research has looked into some interesting alternative regulation of TRP channels and the effects on pain. Mayhaps someone will present a poster on this topic?

Ion Channel Screening Technologies

Ah. Aurora’s bread and butter. From advances in instrumentation to new screening protocols, see if there’s any new and exciting way to do your research!

Cardiac Function and Pharmacology

I think it’s safe to say that the heart is a pretty important organ. Ion channels are very important in the heart so understanding these channels is important in designing new drugs to help with heart conditions, maybe even develop a love potion… OK, there probably won’t be any information on love potions, but there will be plenty of info on this interesting topic.

Cardiac Safety and Toxicology

It’s always exciting when you get a big positive result, your heart flutters and feels like it skips a beat. Well, your heart skipping a beat is actually a bad thing, that’s why it’s important to screen new drugs for cardiac safety to avoid interfering with ion channels and developing conditions such as long QT syndrome.

Structure and Function of Ion Channels

One fateful day in 1998 the world was forever changed when the first ion channel structure was determined. I might be overplaying it a little bit, but crystallization and solving the structures of ion channels is seriously hard stuff. Not to mention there are plenty of great pictures to look at!

This year we are also having a session specifically devoted to transporter molecules. Expect plenty of symporters and antiporters, but if you want an English porter you’ll probably have to head to the pub.

So if you’ve been sufficiently intrigued register now! The early bird deadline for registration is April 20th so register now to take advantage of the early bird pricing. And seriously, don’t forget to submit your abstract before it’s too late!