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VERSA Vial Filling Workstation

Aurora is pleased to announce the launch of our VERSA Vial Filling Workstation. The VERSA Vial Filling workstation is a compact, fully automated robotic system capable of consistently dispensing accurate volumes. It turns the tedious, time-consuming, error prone and repetitive process of filling reagents into a practical and satisfactory one.

As a result, reagent manufacturing companies will meet their strict regulatory standards without a challenge. Manual factors that have limited the probability of meeting these standards, such as handling errors leading to imprecise results are overcome by this vial filler.

The VERSA Vial Filling Workstation has a small foot print and the features like no-splash and no-tips make the instrument cost-effective by saving unnecessary tip and reagent expenses. The adjustable dual-channel ReagentDrop supports a wide range of fill sizes and also allows: high-speed addition of the same reagent into two separate vials, simultaneous mixing of separate reagents into same vial, or simultaneous addition of separate reagents into different vials.

An optional UV/HEPA hood provides protection from harmful reagents being dispensed, and provides additional protection from contamination.

The VERSA Vial Filling Workstation is one of the many automation solutions that Aurora offers to the analytical and life-science industries. Aurora offers complete solutions including application support, instrumentation and reagents, ensuring users receive their desired results quickly and efficiently.