Aurora Biomed at ISHI34 in Denver

A Decade of Automated Differential Digestion: Advancing Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence

At poster #044, Krina Carman and Monica Dyer from Oakland Police Department discussed their experience in processing 25000 Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (SAEK) samples with the help of VERSA 1100 in past 10 years.

The International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) is an annual conference dedicated to forensic DNA analysis. The 34th ISHI was held at the Hyatt Regency and the Colorado Convention Center located in Denver, Colorado from September 17 to 21, 2023.

At ISHI, Aurora Biomed showcased our validated automated workstation for forensics protocols, including NGS library preparation, SAEK processing, Nucleic Acid Purification, PCR/RTPCR setup and drugs of abuse extraction.  We will be available to answer any questions you might have and show you how our instruments can be customized to meet your lab automation needs.

NGS Library Preparation

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) holds immense promise in forensics, offering unprecedented advantages over traditional methods, but its widespread adoption is hindered by the complex bottleneck of library preparation. To optimize the benefits of NGS in forensic DNA analysis, Aurora Biomed collaborated with Verogen (now a Qiagen company).

Sexual Assault Kit Processing

To process sexual assault evidence efficiently, labs use automated liquid handling workstations with a DNase I-based differential digestion protocol. This removes non-sperm DNA from mixed samples, saving time and labor. The Oakland Police Department and Contra Costa County eliminated their backlog by adopting VERSA 1100 Gene with DNase I, which ensures no fraction carryover and eliminates repetitive wash steps.

Nucleic Acid Purification

The ADNap 20 system uses an automated 96-channel magnetic head for fast and reliable extraction of high-quality nucleic acids. It employs magnetic bars and disposable tip combs to mix and transfer magnetic beads. ADNap 20 is a versatile, fully automated benchtop system for high-throughput nucleic acid extraction from various sources like blood, saliva, and swab specimens.

PCR Plate/Sample Preparation

In forensic sample analysis, accurate DNA Quantification and Normalization is vital for optimizing the amount added to STR PCR assays and assessing DNA quality. VERSA automation streamlines human DNA quantification kits, ensuring consistent and reproducible results.

Drugs of Abuse

The VERSA® SPE Workstation automates and streamlines solid-phase extraction (SPE) protocols. It can process up to 72 cartridges sequentially, accommodating various cartridge sizes and plate formats. With dedicated modules, it handles sample extraction, derivatization, and reconstitution.