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Automated Metabolomics Sample Preparation

Automated Metabolomics Sample Preparation

Precision, accuracy, and high throughput of samples are the three keywords related to any research, especially “omics” data type, i.e., genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Metabolomics is the analysis of metabolites in an organism, including cells, body fluids and tissues.

The recent advances in nanotechnology and robotics have revolutionized the techniques involved in metabolomics, and metabolomics profiling has opened new horizons for use in various fields including toxicology, nutrigenomics, forensics, functional genomics, environmental metabolomics, and medical diagnostics. These technological improvements have been made to automate the process of metabolomics sample preparation, which involves the solid phase extraction process (SPE). SPE involves the selective preparation, purification, and extraction of samples prior to their chromatographic analysis through HPLC/GC/TLC.  SPE is a laborious and error-prone method, but with automation and robust design, the Aurora VERSA SPE workstation provides a cutting-edge solution that offers faster sample preparation, high throughput, and highly purified extracts.

Aurora offers a variety of Avant-grade models of VERSA workstations, such as VERSA 10, VERSA 110, VERSA 1100, and VERSA 2000, which have been intricately designed to accommodate the vast needs of the users


VERSA 10 with hood– Compact Automated Liquid Handling Workstation. This robotic liquid handler can conduce qPCR and PCR Set-up Sequencing Reaction Set-up Nucleic Acid Purification Microarray Spotting Immuno and Biochemical Assays Cell-Based Assays Environmental Sample Preparation General Liquid Handling – dilution, plate reformatting, and aliquoting. For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.
  • Cost-effective, low to medium throughput automated liquid handling system
  • Small footprint pipetting robot saves precious lab space
  • 4 or 8-channel pipette head with single channel function
  • 6 deck positions


  • Low to medium throughput automated liquid handler with added deck space
  • Liquid displacement technology easily handles liquids of varying viscosities
  • Dual syringe pump pipette head has a large dynamic range
  • 8 deck positions

VERSA 1100

  • Complete walk-away automated liquid handling solution for all your medium to high throughput needs
  • Occupies a compact area for such a robust automated liquid handling workstation
  • 4 or 8 or 96-channel pipette head with single channel function
  • 15 deck positions

VERSA 2100

  • Flexible 45-positioned modular deck tailoring to various applications.
  • Bulk dispensing ReagentDrop reduces reagent and tip waste
  • Optional on-deck incubations to preserve reagents and samples
  • Optional 96-channel pipette, suitable for high-throughput processing needs

VERSA SPE Offers Lab Automation with Accessibility and Accuracy

VERSA SPE automated metabolite extraction system is user-friendly and works with a majority of commercially available accessories. It is fully compatible with 96 well SPE plates as well as 1, 3, and 6 mL SPE cartridges. It can also accommodate a range of sample tubes, including Micronics, Eppendorf, and Precellys, which are widely available in molecular biology labs.

However, the significance and use of metabolomics all comes down to one thing: the accuracy in sample preparation. Unfortunately, like all other chromatography-based assays, one of the biggest challenges in the field of metabolomics has been the extensive sample preparation and processing. But this is where the VERSA SPE steps in, making metabolomics sample preparation, seamless.

VERSA robotic liquid handler provides a robust and reliable option for sample preparation and standardization. Precise pipetting (96 channel) allows large sample throughput with high accuracy. High quality column conditioning provides efficient separation and extraction of the samples. The robust robotic handling system of SPE allow results that are reliable and avoid cross-contamination between samples with batch-to-batch consistency.

If you are dealing with large sample size and need quality and efficiency in results, the on-deck sample preparation of VERSA SPE use the state-of-the-art ReagentDrop pipetting system that is fully automated, accurate and can dispense larger volumes. It dispenses reagents from off-deck reservoirs and eliminates tip usage – prevents dripping of volatile solvents.

Streamlining Metabolomic Sample Preparation

VERSA 1100 SPE streamlines the process of solid-phase extraction by accommodating 15 deck positions with dedicated modules including, nitrogen dryer, shaker-heater and a positive and negative pressure applicator. The Cooler blocks are available on deck for efficient storage of samples at 4 °C.

The complexity of SPE process and protein precipitation has been reduced by using vacuum manifold and positive pressure modules in the VERSA SPE automated metabolite extraction system. This automated workstation provides efficient solid phase extraction with its high-quality column conditioning. The presence of Vacuum Manifold (Negative Pressure/Negative Pressure) is a game changer for quality extraction as it ensures samples and reagents flow through cartridges efficiently. The SPE cartridge holder works with the gripper to automate conditioning, loading, washing, eluting, and fraction collecting steps.

VERSA SPE liquid sample handler provides automated reconstitution of dried analyst, trace analyte enrichment, and transferring of samples to GC/MS vials that flawlessly streamlines the extraction process.

With VERSA SPE’s robust technology, you can get seamless assistance throughout the preparation and processing of metabolic samples such as collection of important analytes, derivatization with heat and nitrogen. The on-deck Shaker-Heater allows efficient sample pre-processing and derivatization, which streamlines automated SPE workflow. The Nitrogen Dryer enables on-spot sample drying/concentration prior to reconstitution of the samples.

VERSA SPE saves both Time and Money

By creating an astounding automated workflow, VERSA SPE saves both time and money. Automation in metabolomics sample preparation has eliminated the hurdle of prior experience in sample processing and handling. This reduces the labor cost and increases the walk-away time for researchers.

The interface of VERSA SPE is straightforward, guided, and easy to use. Parameters are adjustable making the protocol highly scalable and increasing the optimization of the run. VERSA SPE provides maximum throughput by multiple automated sample preparation steps. You can start your workflow with the click of a button, literally!

Avoiding Contamination and Increasing Analytes Quality

VERSA SPE offers dedicated collection station that allows smooth workflow and avoids any kind of cross-contamination or mixing among different samples. The HEPA/UV/LED enclosure keeps samples contamination-free. The efficient exhaust system ensures the vigilant removal of volatile organic fumes. The workstation is compatible to handle organic and aqueous reagents.

VERSA-SPE simplifies the workflow of metabolomics analysis and adds precision, improved reproducibility, and reliable results:

VERSA SPE is One-Stop Solution

VERSA SPE is one-stop solution for all your needs, whether you are handling a high number of samples, require temperature-control processing steps, on-spot drying, and reconstitution of samples, or need ready-to-use samples for GC/MS analysis, VERSA SPE can do it for you.

Metabolomics is a powerful field as metabolites are ideal biomarkers for research and diagnostics. Screening of translational biomarkers provides cutting edge opportunities in assessing the disease and signaling pathway. Metabolomic profiling has opened the doors for non-invasive methods, as it can analyze metabolites in urine and blood samples. Further the toxicology and efficacy of drugs can be tested by analyzing metabolites in an emerging field known as the pharmacometabolomics.

In a nutshell, the VERSA SPE is the workstation that every metabolomics lab should have as it will streamline the complex and error-prone step of metabolomics sample preparation with accuracy and reliability. It is a solution to all the problems you are facing, or you might face when dealing with metabolomics sample preparations and extractions. Moreover, we ensure that you will get the experience we promise, our engineering team is readily available to troubleshoot your protocols and problems.

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