DNA Isolation from Saliva (Invitek Forensic DNA Isolation Kit)

It is well known that high quality isolated genomic DNA is required for sophisticated downstream applications in fields such as forensics, bio-medical, food, and environmental research and monitoring has been a limiting and time-consuming factor. The higher throughput requirements for high quality DNA samples have led to the development of new technologies that improve both DNA isolation and ease of use. Magnetic bead-based kits involving solid phase reversible immobilization (SPRI) technology provide a reliable, efficient means for isolation of quality DNA. Isolation of DNA using micro magnetic beads requires a specific interaction with the ligand (silica, polystyrene, polyvinyl alcohols, primary or secondary antibody, streptavidin, and protein A or G etc) on the bead surface.

Aurora Biomed has combined its expertise in automated liquid handling with Invitek’s InviMag Forensic Kit/KF96 to offer an automated, and fully validated application for forensic quality DNA isolation. The results are presented in this poster.

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