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Automation of Thermo Fisher Scientific MagMAXDNA using VERSA 10 liquid handling workstation

Automation of Thermo Fisher Scientific MagMAXDNA using VERSA 10 liquid handling workstation

The MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit (MMDNAT) employs magnetic beads to extract genomic DNA (gDNA) from diverse biological samples, resulting in high-quality DNA suitable for various molecular biology applications such as genotyping, sequencing, and PCR reactions. To automate the workflow, meticulous preparation of protocol steps on the software and thorough instrument validation in the laboratory are essential.

Aurora’s VERSA 10 has been automated to facilitate a magnetic bead-based method of nucleic acid purification, which has been validated by the University of Waterloo for compatibility with the MMDNAT kit. This method yields high-purity DNA and proves beneficial for research laboratories involved in molecular biology studies.

VERSA 10 with hood– Compact Automated Liquid Handling Workstation. This robotic liquid handler can conduce qPCR and PCR Set-up Sequencing Reaction Set-up Nucleic Acid Purification Microarray Spotting Immuno and Biochemical Assays Cell-Based Assays Environmental Sample Preparation General Liquid Handling – dilution, plate reformatting, and aliquoting. For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.

Aurora’s VERSA series of automated liquid handling workstations are designed to automate different extraction protocols using a user-friendly software called VERSAware. VERSA 10 caters to low to medium throughput requirements with its 6 deck positions. It utilizes air displacement pipetting technology to ensure precise and accurate handling of varying liquid volumes. This application note offers a comprehensive guide on how to automate the MMDNAT kit by using specially designed scripts on the VERSA 10.