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Application Note: Automating COVID-19 RNA Extraction

Application Note: Automating COVID-19 RNA Extraction

Automation of COVID-19 RNA purification using HALO™ Mag nucleic acid extraction kit on VERSA 10

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Aurora has quickly scaled up the production capacity of VERSA Gene automated liquid handling workstation, helping laboratories to expand their COVID-19 testing capacity.

VERSA 10 NAP is a compact bench-top nucleic acid extraction workstation that is trusted by many laboratories during the pandemic. Republican Scientific and Practical Sports Center (Республиканский научно-практический центр спорта) in Minsk, Belarus has been using a VERSA 10 NAP workstation since 2019, and the system was programmed to automate the HALO™ Mag nucleic acid extraction kit for COVID-19 viral RNA isolation since the beginning of the outbreak.

VERSA 10 NAP was found to be an effective robot that helps lab technicians in Minsk to extract pure and high-quality viral RNA from patient samples while keeping the lab personnel away from potential exposure to virus. Moreover, the instrument minimizes the risk of manual errors and cross-contamination.


The HALOTM Mag 100 nucleic acid extraction kit for the purification of virus RNA, including SARS CoV-2, is designed to be compatible with manual and automated laboratory workflows. To validate the automation of the HALOTM Mag 100 nucleic acid extraction kit on the VERSA 10, viral RNA was isolated from 48 patient samples with potential SARS-Cov2 infection. The viral RNA isolated from the 48 patient samples and was then analysed using a commercially available qPCR-based COVID-19 test kit.

qPCR test results for Reaction 1 performed on 48 extracted samples resulted in the identification of seven positive patient samples. The figures display the (a) Amplification curves for internal control, (b) amplification curves for ORF 1ab gene, (c) amplification curves for N gene.

Combining the power of HALOTM Mag 100 nucleic acid extraction kit with the precision of Aurora Biomed’s VERSA 10 automated liquid handling platform provides a compact solution for the isolation of pure, high quality viral RNA from patient samples for downstream analysis.


  • Compatible with any magnetic beads based extraction kits
  • Up to 96 samples per run
  • Compact bench-top workstation
  • Positive pressure HEPA/UV hood


  • Deck positions: 6
  • Pipette: 8-channel
  • Heater shaker, magnet plate, and plate transporter included
  • Dimensions: W65 x D43 x H52cm
  • Weight: 27kg

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