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Automated NGS Library Preparation for Microbiome Research

Automated NGS Library Preparation for Microbiome Research

The microbiome is composed of – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses – that form part of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, as well as complex multicellular organisms eg. on and inside the human body. With the advent of NGS, it has become possible for us to better understand the complexities of the microbial populations, providing insights into microbial population structure and helping discover microbes that are not detectable using traditional methods. NGS –based research has provided a growing body of evidence that suggest that the health of the microbiome directly impacts the health of the ecosystem they live. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has enabled researchers to study the genomes of entire microbial communities in a rapid and cost-effective manner. In the context of human health, NGS has been advantageous in determining the probing the role of the microbiome in diseases such as; Inflammatory Bowel Disease, diabetes, and obesity.

NGS Library preparation is challenging is because of the high number of liquid handling operations. With more liquid handling steps, the risk of errors also increases, thus impacting the reliability of the study. One way to ensure better standardized NGS libraries is to use an automated liquid handling instrument. Automation facilitates the generation of reproducible, high quality results with minimal hands on time.

Aurora automates the Next Generation Sequencing pipeline including Nucleic Acid Preparation, Library preparation and Normalization and PCR setup. Aurora’s VERSA 1100 high throughput automated liquid handler is designed with features such as Magnetic Bead Vortex, Reagent Drop and shaker – heater. Our competitive advantage is the simple, open design of the hardware and protocol development software allows you to pick any NGS library preparation kit or automate your own proprietary protocols easily.

Key Features for VERSA 1100

  • Process up to 96 samples per run.
  • Magnetic bead Vortex – ensures homogenous bead suspension.
  • Reagent Drop – accurate dispensing of bulk reagents allowing conversation of tips and consumables.
  • Shaker – Heater magnet elevator – reduces protocol time and increases available deck space.