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Automated Solid Phase Extraction for Cannabis Preparation

Automated Solid Phase Extraction for Cannabis Preparation

Automated cannabis sample preparation system for high throughput cannabinoid, mycotoxin, pesticide, and terpene analysis by mass spectrometry

Manual cannabis sample preparation can be a very tedious and time consuming endeavor, as the sample matrices are usually quite oily and complex. These challenges can lead to low precision in analytical measurements. Aurora has developed the VERSA 1100 automated solid phase extraction system to help improve sample throughput and reduce human errors.

Aurora’s VERSA® 1100 automated solid phase extraction (SPE) system is designed to streamline sample preparation for chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis. This system can be extended to applications in the cannabis market.  After cannabis homogenization, VERSA’s on deck versatility allows for solid phase extraction that can be applied to cannabinoids, pesticides, and mycotoxins. The VERSA® 1100 is also compatible with on deck liquid-liquid extraction for the sample preparation of terpenes.


Liquid-liquid extraction functionality available
• Shaker-heater (RT to 90oC) for efficient sample pre-processing and derivatization
• Nitrogen-dryer for reconstitution of samples in mass-spectrometry compatible solvents
• ReagentDrop provides bulk reagent dispensing without disposable pipette tips
• Compatible with 1, 3, and 6 mL as well as 96-well SPE cartridge plates

Lastly, the VERSA series is an open system that allows for a range of cartridges and plate wells to be used – including ones specifically designed for cannabis extraction such as those from Sigma-Aldrich®, Restek®, and Phenomenex®.

The VERSA series has options for an on-deck shaker-heater, bulk reagent dispensing through the ReagentDrop module, positive and negative pressure units, gripper, nitrogen dryer, and optional HEPA/UV hood enclosure. The variety of available on-deck modules of the VERSA series enables a fully-automated sample reconstitution and derivatization workflow. This allows for a complete walk-away solution for mass spectrometry-ready sample preparation.