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Metabolomics Sample Prep Automation

Metabolomics Sample Prep Automation

Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics can provide quantitative and qualitative information of the metabolites in biological samples such as bodily fluids, cells, as well as fresh and fixed tissue. Due to the expansion of metabolomics research in academia, industry, and government labs, the number of samples and throughput demands for these laboratories has increased significantly in recent years. Aurora has developed the VERSA 1100 SPE automated metabolite extraction system to streamline protein precipitation and solid phase extraction (SPE) for metabolomics sample prep automation.

Automated Protein Precipitation

VERSA Automated Metabolomics Sample Preparation System automates high throughput protein precipitation (or protein crash) utilizing vacuum and positive pressure technology, compatible with most 96-well protein precipitation plates or cartridges available in the market.

Aurora’s patented ReagentDrop technology allows for fast and accurate dispensing of bulk solvents without the need of pipette tips. ReagentDrop is designed to prevent dripping of volatile solvents (eg. methanol) to ensure accurate sample concentration.

VERSA SPE automated metabolite extraction system is designed for uniform sample elution in protein precipitation and solid phase extraction (SPE) – achieved by the tandem use of vacuum manifold and positive pressure modules. This combination allows for fast and efficient solvent flow with as few as only one sample well occupied on a 96-well plate or cartridge.

Automated Solid Phase Extraction

VERSA SPE metabolite extraction system can fully automate solid phase extraction (SPE), and compatible with all commercial available 1,3,6 mL SPE cartridges and 96 well SPE plates.

On-deck nitrogen dryer and plate/tube vortex automates downstream sample preparation from solid phase extraction to reconstitution. Nitrogen dryer with disposable tip option is utilized to ensure that no contaminants are introduced during this process. MALDI plate spotting is available on all VERSA models.

Plate Reformatting

VERSA SPE automated metabolite extraction system accommodates a range of sample tubes (Eppendorf, Cryovials, Precellys, Micronics, etc) for on deck sample reformatting to 96-well plates. This allows for a seamless transition to automation of high throughput plasma/serum preparation without modification of established protocols.

Cooler blocks are available for on deck sample storage down to 4 °C to ensure sample longevity.